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Sweeping Changes at Our Corporate Office


Sweeping Changes at Our Corporate Office

Irvine, CA:

Since his appointment in February of 2015, new CEO Frank X. Muscatello has spearheaded a top-to-bottom revitalization of Interfit Photographic comprised of several major initiatives and changes including top-level talent recruitment, brand identity redesign, new e-commerce platform and website, and the development of innovative products. Mr. Muscatello is an accomplished sales and marketing executive with a successful track record of revitalizing and building brands for multiple trade channels including consumer packaged goods, specialty cosmetics and consumer electronics industries. He brings to the role his extensive experience in product development, supply chain management, branded marketing, as well as a proven ability to successfully grow manufacturing organizations of varied sizes. “We understand that in order to properly position the Interfit brand for future growth within the studio lighting category we must increase our relevance to both the end consumer and our retail partners. This will be accomplished by providing a consistent pipeline of high quality, innovative and compelling products that deliver quality performance at an affordable price”, said Muscatello.

New Interfit Photographic Logo

Interfit will retire its original logo and color scheme after more than a decade of use. A newly recruited design team has developed a modern and professional new look. Simple and understated, the dual-tone hexagon logo features two different color trapezoids interlocking to create a greater two-dimensional hexagon, signifying our aim of providing a unifying system of products that all inter-fit together. When considered from more symbolic perspective, these two shapes form of the side profiles of studio lighting softboxes.

The modern, humanized font choice with both hard edges and soft corners evokes the combination of cutting-edge technology and friendly service that Interfit offers.

These elements alongside a fresh color palette featuring cerulean blue and deep gray signal the brand’s evolution toward a professional, but approachable disposition as we move into the future.

New Website

Launching in October, the newly redesigned website serves as a central hub offering a comprehensive one-stop-shop for all Interfit products as well as a new professional photographer team and educational resources such as product demonstrations, lighting tutorials and more. The Shopatron powered e-commerce back end enables customers to purchase any Interfit product through the website and Interfit’s extensive dealer network to fulfill these orders, allowing us to focus our marketing efforts on directly engaging end-consumers while supporting our dealer network by bringing them additional sales through our e-commerce platform.

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