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The Manual Remote is a universal remote that has been optimized for use with Interfit premium strobes. The single-pin design allows for manual control and firing across all camera platforms.

Product Highlights:

  • Cross-Platform - Single-pin design is compatible with all camera models
  • Universal Design - Optimized for use with the S1, S1a, Honey Badger, and Badger Unleashed
  • Wireless Control - Dial in the power to your lights from the camera
  • 8 Control Groups - Independently control up to 8 groups of lights

Manual Mode:

This remote is compatible with all makes and models of cameras (film and digital) in manual mode.

*Access to TTL and HSS functions require the dedicated TTL remotes

Remote Power Adjustment:

The Manual Remote allows you to control the power output of your S1, S1a, Honey Badger, or Badger Unleashed from the camera position.

8 Control Groups:

This feature allows you to control up to 8 groups of lights independently of one another. Groups are displayed by letters, A-H.

*TTL lights can only be placed on groups A, B, or C. Manual lights such as the Honey Badger can be placed on all groups.

15 Channels:

Having 15 channels allows you to work in close proximity with other photographers without interfering with each other's light setups. Channels are displayed by numbers 1-15.

*TTL lights can only be placed on channels 1-8. Manual lights such as the Honey Badger can be placed on all channels.

Additional Controls:

In addition to triggering and manual control, the Interfit Manual Remote allows you to control the modeling lamps and audible beeps on your lights.

100m Wireless Range:

The 100m (320’) wireless range lets you roam freely around the studio, field, city block, or wherever your work takes you!

AAA Batteries:

All S1 remotes are powered by two AAA batteries.

3.5mm Sync Jack:

The 3.5mm sync jack on the side of the remote allows you to use your lights in conjunction with other radio flash systems. Simply connect your 3rd-party remote to the Interfit remote via sync cable to fire all lights together.

AC Power Option:

The Interfit Manual Remote can be powered by AC power using the micro-USB port on the side of the remote, eliminating the need for replacement batteries and disabling the remote’s auto-shut-off functions. This is especially useful for long-term or permanent camera fixtures.

Camera Compatibility: All camera models
Flash Compatibility: Interfit S1, S1a, Honey Badger, Badger Unleashed
Frequency: 2.4 GHz
Max Sync Speed: 1/250
Control Groups: 8 (A-H)
*S1 / S1a / Badger Unleashed compatible with groups A,B,C only
Channels: 15 (1-15)
*S1 / S1a / Badger Unleashed compatible with channels 1-8 only
Wireless Range: 320’ (100 m)
Battery Type: 2x AAA Batteries (not included)
  • [1x] Manual Remote
  • [1x] Micro-USB Cable