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A supercharged pure sine-wave inverter paired with a massive 158Wh battery, two standard outlets, and a 5V USB slot. Don't let your creative outlet be limited by a power outlet - the Nomad is the perfect travel companion for photo and video!

Product Highlights:

  • Compact Design - Smaller than a shoebox, the Nomad is ultra-portable
  • Stand Bracket - Sturdy metal clamp for easy mounting to a light stand or object
  • Detachable Battery - Allows for in-field swapping of the battery pack
  • Multiple Ports - Powers up to two standard outlets and one USB device



The Interfit Nomad is every photo and video creator’s on-location partner. It goes where you go, bringing with it 400 Watts of continuous, pure sine-wave energy. Power or charge up to two lights or devices, in addition to one USB device simultaneously. Use it to power your strobes, LED’s, laptop, camera charger, even your phone! The Nomad is a versatile, nomadic pack of power for whatever you need - unleash your workflow and never let your creative outlet be limited by a power outlet.


The Nomad converter produces pure, sine-wave 110V current for its two standard North American outlets to provide the most consistent, reliable energy for both continuous lights and the powerful demands of flash/strobe units.


The Nomad’s converter is powered by a 25.6V, 6.2Ah Lithium-Ion battery with a total capacity of 158.7Wh. This high-capacity battery is fully certified, making the Nomad safe for airline travel in carry-on luggage (subject to individual airline approval). When using the Nomad to power a single strobe, users can expect no loss in recycle time (recycle time is doubled when powering two strobes).

Stand Mount:

The Nomad comes with a sturdy metal light stand mount that fits securely around the base or leg of your light stand or C-stand. This keeps the Nomad up off the ground, while also serving as a weight on the base of the stand. When not in use, the stand mount can be removed, making the unit more compact and easier to transport. Additionally, the three-pin configuration of the light stand mount matches the pin configuration of the ever-popular Super Clamp, providing even more security and the ability to mount the Nomad to stands and poles with a larger diameter.

Max Continuous Output:  400W
Outlets: Two 120VAC standard outlets, One 2A USB port
Fuse Type: One 30A power fuse (included)
Battery Capacity: 25.6VDC | 6.2Ah | 158.7Wh
Run Time:

800 Full-Power Flashes with the S1A (500Ws)
1200 Full-Power Flashes with the Honey Badger (320Ws)
2000 Full-Power Flashes with the Studio Essentials Value Flash (200Ws) Number of flashes measured without the modeling lamp

200 Minutes with the Studio Essentials 600 LED Panel at full power
100 Minutes with the Studio Essentials 1200 LED Panel at full power
80 Minutes with Studio Essentials 100W LED Monolight at full power


6lbs (2.72kg)

  • [1x] Nomad Power Converter
  • [1x] Nomad Battery Pack
  • [1x] Stand Mounting Bracket
  • [1x] Charging Cable
  • [1x] Quick-Start Guide