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A must-have light modifier for fashion and beauty photographers, creating a crisp light with strong contrast.

Product Highlights:

  • Soft, flattering light for fashion and beauty photography
  • Creates strong contrast and defined shadows
  • Includes a 1-stop diffuser stock for a softer light with decreased specularity
  • White finish for smoother tones

Beauty Dishes are ideal for creating edgy and crisp light while featuring defined shape yet smooth texture in your subject. Used predominantly in fashion, beauty, and portrait photography, beauty dishes create soft, even light while maintaining texture and contrast. The white reflective surface helps to decrease specularity, helping to even out skin tones. Using the included diffuser sock allows you to soften your light source even more.

The Studio Essentials 22” White Beauty Dish is a great option for individual portraits and headshots. Having a smaller diameter will allow you to create flattering light at close distances while giving you more control of the light spread. The relatively compact size is easy to manage in either a studio or environmental setting. All Studio Essentials modifiers utilize the widely-used Bowens S-Type mount, making them compatible with all Studio Essentials and Interfit flashes and LED monolights.

An optional Honeycomb Grid is an essential add-on to your beauty dish. Honeycomb Grids restrict the spread of light further, adding depth, drama, and stronger shadows to your images.

Material: Aluminum
Inner Finish: High-Gloss White
Mount: Bowens S-Type
Dimensions: 22" (56 cm)

2.2 lb (1.0 kg)

  • [1x] 22" White Beauty Dish
  • [1x] Sock Diffuser