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A silver umbrella with an attached front diffuser that creates similar light qualities to an octabox.

Product Highlights:

  • Silver interior provides contrast and structure
  • Attached diffuser reduces specularity and softens light quality
  • Softbox quality light, with the fast setup of an umbrella
The Umbrella Softbox, also known as a "brolly box", combines the soft light-wrapping qualities of a diffused softbox with the quick setup time of a conventional umbrella. The high-contrast silver interior to this umbrella provides maximum light output, while the attached front diffuser softens the light and reduces specularity. Photographers often turn to an umbrella softbox when they want the light quality of an octabox, but also need the fast setup time and portability of an umbrella.
Color: High-Contrast Silver with built-in Translucent Diffuser
Open Face Diameter:
43" (109 cm)
Arc Diameter: 52" (132 cm)
Umbrella Shaft Length: 29" (74 cm)
Umbrella Shaft Diameter: 8 mm
Fabric Material:


Frame Material:



0.9 lb (0.4 kg)

  • [1x] 43″ Umbrella Softbox
  • [1x] Carrying Bag