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A large, versatile umbrella that offers the soft, low-contrast light quality of a shoot-through umbrella when you want it, and the additional high-contrast punch of a silver umbrella when you need it.

Product Highlights:

  • Combines the qualities of a silver and a translucent umbrella into one package
  • Silver backing provides higher contrast and crisp highlights
  • Translucent material creates a soft, multi-directional light with soft contrast
  • Ideal for use as a main or fill light for full-body or group portraits

Interfit’s line of traditional umbrellas combines portability with fast and easy use to provide powerful and versatile lighting tool. Traditional umbrellas have been used by studio and location photographers for decades because they spread light over a broader area, creating a soft, flattering light that wraps around your subject.

Translucent and silver combo umbrellas provide maximum flexibility by allowing for conversion between translucent shoot-through and soft-silver bounce light. This versatile combination allows two different style in one physical umbrella. Remove the silver backing to use the umbrella as a translucent shoot-through for soft directional light with an increase in ambient exposure. Add the silver backing to use the umbrellas as a silver umbrella for added contrast and specularity.

The large umbrellas provide the most surface area of all of our umbrellas, thus creating the softest light with the widest throw. Large umbrellas are very popular among portrait, fashion and group photographers in need of the unique combination of soft light and a wide light spread.

Color: Shoot-Through Translucent with removable High-Contrast Silver backing
Open Face Diameter:
60" (152 cm)
Arc Diameter: 72" (182 cm)
Umbrella Shaft Length: 39" (100 cm)
Umbrella Shaft Diameter: 8 mm
Fabric Material:


Frame Material:



1.5 lb (0.7 kg)

  • [1x] 60” Translucent/Silver Convertible Umbrella