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Unleashed The Student Way

Let Creative Pro Jennifer Emery show you how the Interfit Badger Unleashed can prove you don’t need to be a pro photographer or spend a lot of money on strobes to get pro-level beauty lighting.

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Diffusion Confusion

The main purpose of diffusion is to spread light out to cover a wider area, such as providing coverage for a wide angle lens. And depending on the environment (a small room with white walls and ceiling versus a cavernous studio) it will also affect the contrast of a scene. If the diffusion is the same size as the light source it is covering it does NOT soften the light. Quality of light (hard or soft) is determined by the size of the light as seen by the subject. That is the transfer edge of the shadow where things go from highlight to shadow–an abrupt edge means a hard light, a long transition means a soft light.

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Red, White & Blue Beauty Lighting

Join Jennifer Emery for another Photography Happy Hour as she teaches you some cool catch-light effects for a fun 4th of July photoshoot with berry drinks!

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Shutter Speed and Flash Photography

Have you ever had part of your image frame go dark or blank when using flash in your photography? Interfit Creative Pro John Cornicello explains why...

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Photography Happy Hour Ep.1 - Honey, Honey

“Honey, Honey”, Episode #1 of The Photography Happy Hour w/ Jennifer Emery and Gloria Perez covering basic headshot photography w/ Interfit’s Honey Badger strobe, and the honey cucumber bourbon cocktail.

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