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Got questions? Here are some common answers.

My strobe is not syncing with my camera, how can I fix it?

Please check to make sure the strobe and trigger are both on the same channel. Next, locate the “TEST” button on your strobe, and press to confirm that your strobe is in working order. Pressing the button should cause a flash.

Firmware could also be an issue. Roughly any camera made after 2019 (Nikon Z6ii, Z7ii, D780, Canon R5, R6, etc) has a high chance of not having its update and unfortunately at this moment, we do not have an ETA for firmware updates. Currently, we are still recovering from the pandemic to get firmware stocked for our customer and it is a top priority for us. The global chip shortage, rise in ocean freight costs, and pandemic have caused major delays and has also caused some disruption to our engineering team. We are working hard and have all hands on deck but as of right now we do not have an ETA for firmware. We apologize again.

I need my unit repaired, who should I contact?

Please contact our authorized repair shop if you need your unit fixed. They should be able to answer all of your questions regarding your repair.

Danielle Inc.
Rollei & Hensel Service
1275 Bloomfield Ave.
Building 1 Unit 7A
Fairfield, NJ. 07004
973-244-9662 Phone
973-244-9817 Fax

What are your daily business hours?

The Interfit office is open Monday through Friday, 9am to 4pm PT, except during US holidays.

I lost/damaged my _____. Do you sell replacement parts?

If it's lamps, bulbs, flash tubes, or battery-related, you can find those in the replacement part sections of our Accessories shop category.

Other miscellaneous replacement cords, diffusers, knobs, and various product pieces can be purchased by contacting us directly (subject to inventory availability).