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Announcing the S1 Strobe with HSS, TTL, IGBT & AC/DC Power

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Announcing the S1 Strobe with HSS, TTL, IGBT & AC/DC Power

Irvine, CA:

Interfit is proud to announce the release of the new S1 Flash: an affordable 500Ws, AC/DC powered monolight with HSS and TTL for Canon, Nikon, and Sony cameras.

The engineers at Interfit have been hard at work developing the world's first 500Ws monolight with High-Speed Sync, TTL, IGBT technology, removable on-board Lithium-Ion battery and multi-voltage AC power pack. This unique combination of features gives the photographic market a versatile, high-powered flash lighting solution for both location and studio shooting.  

“Our goal at Interfit is to always provide the market with the best value. Along with being competitively priced, we want to offer products that are both innovative and relevant to all photographers. The S1 does exactly that; it provides the same advanced features as the market leaders, at half the price.”

– Frank X. Muscatello, CEO, Interfit Photographic

Power Supply:

The S1 has two available power sources, both of which are included with every flash head. The onboard 4500mAh Li-Ion battery provides up to 350 full power flashes in Manual and TTL modes and over 400 full power flashes in High Speed Sync mode. This wireless power source gives photographers the freedom to venture out from the studio. For traditional studio work, the S1 also includes an AC power pack; an industry first. This multi-voltage adaptor can be used anywhere in the world (100-240v) and lets photographers continue to shoot while their battery is charging.  

“As photographers ourselves, sufficiently powering the S1 was one of the keys to this project for us. A built-in high-capacity battery was the obvious first step, but we also wanted to be able to shoot in the studio without having to constantly tax the battery. The problem was that this added a lot of weight to the flash head. But by using an external AC power pack, we’re able to get the added benefit of AC power, without the added weight when shooting on location!”

– Steven Squires, Product Manager, Interfit Photographic

Shooting Modes:

The S1 has three different shooting modes, each to serve a different purpose and shooting style. Interfit’s new S1 Remote for Canon, Nikon, or Sony cameras, allows the shooter to utilize their camera’s TTL system, just like they would with a speedlight. This automated light output uses the S1’s entire 7 stop power range (500Ws – 7.8Ws), is automatically calculated in 1/10th stop increments, and allows for +/- 3 stops of exposure compensation, manually adjustable within 1/10th of a stop. Having a fully automated flash exposure allows the photographer to quickly and easily achieve their vision. This automatic mode is ideal for environments with continuously changing ambient light, and shoots that require you to quickly change your setups or location. For those that prefer to have complete control over their light and have time to make finite adjustments, the S1 can be used in the traditional manual mode. Manual shooting mode also utilizes the entire 7 stop power range, controllable in 1/10th stop increments. Also in manual mode, users can access the S1’s High Speed Sync mode, reaching shutter speeds up to 1/8000th of a second. High Speed Sync mode, utilizes the top 3 stops in the power range (500Ws – 125Ws), and is manually adjustable in 1/10th stop increments.


Utilizing IGBT technology, the S1 is able to offer short flash durations while maintaining color accuracy throughout the power range. Flash duration ranges from 1/500 at full power, down to 1/9,000 at minimum power. By shortening the flash durations, we were also able to improve color accuracy, giving the S1 a consistent 5700k (+/-100k) color temperature throughout the entire power range.

S1 TTL Remote:

The S1’s TTL remotes give the users complete control over their lights in any shooting mode, from the camera position. This camera-mounted transmitter is available for Canon, Nikon, and Sony camera’s and supports E-TTL ll, i-TTL, and P-TTL protocol, respectively. Having three individual groups gives users the freedom to control lights individually to create dynamic lighting ratios, and with a working range of up to 100m (300’), your lights are never out of reach.

Additional Features:

Durability is a major concern for portable flash units, which is why the S1 and the S1a are contained in a strong and lightweight aluminum body, rather than plastic, and why we have included a frosted glass diffuser dome to protect the flash tube. Both the S1 and S1a feature the widely-used Bowens® S-Type modifier mount, giving users hundreds of high quality and affordable modifier options to choose from. A mini-USB cable is provided with every light, allowing for firmware updates when new cameras are released.


  • S1 Flash Head
  • 7” Bowens® S-Type Reflector
  • S1 4500mAh Li-Ion Battery w/charger
  • AC Power Pack
  • mini-USB cable

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