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Introducing The Badger Unleashed

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Introducing The Badger Unleashed

Press Release

Irvine, CA: Introducing the Badger Unleashed 250Ws Battery-Powered Flash with HSS/TTL

Building off the success of the Honey Badger, the Badger Unleashed shreds the constraints of an AC power cable and now roams free thanks to a drop-in Lithium-Ion battery. Add in High-Speed Sync and TTL capabilities, and the Badger Unleashed becomes a fearless shooting companion and the ultimate on-the-go flash head!

The Badger Unleashed is a direct response to customer requests for a light with the compact form factor of the Honey Badger and the mobility and high-tech functionality of the S1. We packed 250Ws of power, a 15W LED modeling lamp, and an in-line battery into a small body, and included HSS and TTL in addition to a new stroboscopic mode for the most versatile Badger yet! This all comes in the bold yellow color you know, but with new design changes for an unmistakable Interfit experience.

Primary Features

Built-In Battery Power:
Equipped with a 2900mAh battery offering cable-free portability, 430 full-power flashes, and a 90-minute recharge time from flat to full.

Compact Form Factor:
Size and weight are crucial for the mobile photographer. The Badger Unleashed weighs in at under 4lbs, measures 5” wide (6” including the outer ring), and 8” deep from the back panel to the edge of the protective cap.

Extended Power Range:
9-stop power range, the same as the S1, and two more stops than the original Honey Badger. Power can be adjusted from 250Ws down to 1Ws in 1/10th of a stop increments for precise exposure.

Fast Recycle Time:
Best-in-class full-power recycle time, at an impressive 1.5 seconds.

HSS and TTL:
HSS enables shutter speeds up to 1/8000th of a second, while TTL metering automatically adjusts flash power to create an accurate exposure. TTL mode also provides +/- 3 stops of exposure compensation.

LED Modeling Lamp:
The 15W LED modeling lamp produces 1250 Lumens, and can be used as a continuous light source for both photo and video applications. The Daylight-Balanced LED can be adjusted proportionate to the flash power, or set straight to full power.

Built-in Radio Receiver:
Features a built-in radio receiver that is compatible with all Interfit TTL and manual remotes. This allows full control over the light’s power range, flash mode, modeling lamp, and beep function.

Versatile Modifier Mount:
Uses the popular Bowens® S-Type modifier mount, making it compatible with all your favorite Interfit modifiers. Made popular by the original Honey Badger, the Badger Unleashed also features a built-in pop-up softbox ring.

Glass Dome Diffuser:
Includes a frosted glass dome diffuser that protects the flash tube and helps to spread light evenly throughout larger modifiers.



  • Power - 250Ws
  • Power Range - 9 Stops (2.0 - 10.0)
  • Variability - 1/10th stop
  • Recycle Time - 1.5 Seconds
  • Color Temperature - 5700k +/-100k
  • Modeling Lamp - 15w LED (off, proportional, full)
  • Wireless Control - Interfit TTL Remotes for Canon, Nikon and Sony, Interfit Manual Remote, PC-Sync, IR/Optical
  • Shooting Modes - Manual, TTL, HSS, Multi (stroboscopic)
  • Max Sync Speed - 1/250 sec. - normal sync mode | 1/8000 sec. - HSS mode
  • Battery 2900mAh Li-Ion
  • Battery Charge Time - 90 minutes
  • Dimensions - 12.7x12.7x17.8cm (5x5x7”)
  • Weight - 1.8kg (3.9lb)

Pricing and Availability

HBU250 - Badger Unleashed Flash Head - $349.99
HBU250B - Spare 2900mAh Li-Ion Battery - $59.99

Pre-orders are available now!

Orders will ship by early November, 2018.

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