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The Studio Essentials 100W LED Monolight is an ultra-bright continuous light source with a Bowens and Pop-up Softbox modifier mount. From portrait photographers to YouTubers, and even Facebook Live broadcasters, this versatile light is sure to be a welcome addition to any lighting kit.

The Studio Essentials 100W LED Monolight utilizes a 100W COB LED to produce the equivalent light output of a 500w tungsten lamp. This high-output, single-source light is perfect for use with softboxes, umbrellas, beauty dishes, and any modifier that utilizes a Bowens or Pop-up Mount.

Product Highlights:

  • Ultra-bright 500W equivalent light output
  • 95+ CRI rating ensures accurate colors and vibrant tones
  • Quiet fan - Perfect for video
  • Hybrid Bowens/Pop-up modifier mount
  • Includes 24" Pop-up Softbox

Accurate Color

The Studio Essentials 100W LED Monolight has a 95 CRI, meaning accurate, vibrant colors and less time spent in post-production.


Low-cost LED’s will sometimes flicker when used at low power. The Studio Essentials 100W LED Monolight is flicker-free, meaning filmmakers can shoot in 4K or 120fps slow-motion.


The Studio Essentials 100W LED Monolight is dimmable from 100% down to 0% in stepless increments. Power output is displayed on the LCD screen, allowing you to note power levels in order to recreate lighting ratios.

Versatile Modifier Mount

The Studio Essentials 100W LED Monolight utilizes the popular Bowens® S-Type modifier mount, making it compatible with the same modifiers as all Studio Essentials and Interfit flashes. In addition, this light also features a built-in pop-up softbox ring for use with pop-up style softboxes that are popular with speedlight shooters. The idea behind this feature is to allow photographers to grow into their studio lights by allowing them to use some of the existing modifiers they may already have purchased for speedlights.

Included Pop-Up Softbox

Every Studio Essentials 100W LED Monolight includes a 24” pop-up softbox with an inner and outer diffuser. This style of softbox does not require any setup and folds away quickly and compactly.

Light Source: 100W COB LED
Color Temperature: 5600K +/-200
Color Rendition (CRI): 95+
Brightness (Lux): *measured with included softbox and diffusers under typical video conditions (800 ISO, 1/60)

1 meter: f5.6 (767 Lux)
2 meters: f2.8 (246 Lux)
3 meters: f2.0 (121 Lux)

100% – 0%

Operating Voltage:


Modifier Mount:

Bowens S-Type with Pop-up softbox ring

Included Softbox:

24” Pop-up with inner and outer diffuser

  • [1x] 100W LED Monolight
  • [1x] Protective Cap
  • [1x] AC Power Cable
  • [1x] 24" Pop-Up Softbox with Inner and Outer Diffusers