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A complete 2-light Badger Beam kit, complete with stands, softboxes, and a compact carry bag. The perfect starting point for photo or video production.

Product Highlights:

  • All-Inclusive 2-Light Kit - Everything you need to start shooting!
  • Pop-Up Softboxes - Includes simple setup softboxes for instant diffusion
  • AC and DC - Both power cable and battery pack power options included
  • Studio in a Bag - Set up and start filming wherever your work takes you!



The Badger Beam 2-Light Softbox Kit is the perfect starting point for creating amazing video or photo content. It includes everything you need to get going: two lights with ac and battery power included, two 24" pop-up softboxes that don't require any construction, two 7'6" light stands, and a compact carry bag so you can bring your studio lights with you, wherever your work takes you.

Badgers are known for their ability to adapt to even the harshest of environments. The third member of Interfit’s Badger Series does just that! Shredding the capacitors and flash tube in favor of a massive LED and robust cooling system, set to take on the competitive world of video! The Badger Beam is a compact, lightweight, and versatile 60W AC/DC-powered COB LED that was purpose-built to help you tackle virtually any kind of content creation.

Beautiful Light Quality:

The Badger Beam utilizes a 60W COB (Chip-On-Board) LED. This single-point light source eliminates the headache of trying to minimize micro-shadows caused by the array of smaller LED’s found on traditional panels. This high-power chip produces up to 19,000lux at 1 meter (w/11” Reflector) and gives off 96+ CRI for incredibly accurate color representation.

AC and Battery Power:

Equipped with both AC and DC power options as standard, the Badger Beam gives you the freedom to create anytime, anywhere. The included multi-voltage power pack lets you travel anywhere in the world with endless AC power without having to worry about voltage adapters. The included drop-in Li-Ion battery sits flush within the body of the light and provides up to 45 minutes of continuous shooting at full power. What’s even better, the Badger Beam uses the same battery as the Badger Unleashed, making your existing batteries even more versatile!

Quiet Cooling System:

We understand that a quiet set is crucial to video production. That’s why we focused the majority of our cooling system on subtle and stylish cooling vents and robust heat sync designed to draw heat away from the body of the light. Supported by a whisper-quiet internal cooling fan, the Badger Beam will allow you to as long as you need without sacrificing performance or sound.

Versatile Modifier Mount:

The unique modifier mount is one of the most distinguishable traits for the Badger family of lights. The Badger Beam utilizes the popular Bowens® S-Type mount, making it compatible with all of Interfit’s modifiers, as well as hundreds of others from various manufacturers, without the need for an adapter. It also features the built-in pop-up softbox ring for use with pop-up style softboxes that were made popular by speedlight photographers. With virtually endless modifier options, users will be able to sculpt, shape, and control their light, enabling them to create amazing content.

Maximum Power: 60W
Color Temperature: 5600K +/- 200
Color Rendition (CRI): 96+
Brightness (Lux): 19,000 lux at 1m (w/11” deep reflector)
6,560 lux at 1m (w/7” standard reflector)

Step-less 1 – 100%

Beam Angle:


Battery Type:

14.8V, 2900mAh lithium-ion cell (the same battery as the Badger Unleashed!)

Battery Life:

45 minutes at full power

Battery Recharge: 2 Hours
Modifier Mount: Bowens S-Type
Pop-up Softbox
Umbrella Mount
Head Dimensions: 5 × 5 × 7” (12.7 × 12.7 × 17.8 cm)
Head Weight: 3.9 lb (1.8 kg)
Softbox: 24” (60cm) Pop-up with inner and outer diffusers
Light Stand: 7’6” Max Height
  • [2x] Badger Beam 60W COB LEDs
  • [2x] Protective Caps
  • [2x] Batteries
  • [2x] AC Power Packs / Battery Chargers
  • [2x] 24" Pop-up Softboxes with Diffusers
  • [2x] 7'6" Light Stands
  • [1x] Carrying Bag